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Philosophy - old

The Greeks gave us modern mathematics and geometry; architecture and literature; Olympic athletics and drama; and so much more. Their pioneering spirit continues to inspire us today. Incredibly, the ancient Greeks were the first to incorporate medical thinking and natural solutions into their healing.

Energised by this legacy, our range of CBD infused beauty, cosmetics and skincare products focus on ancient Greek ingredients and botanicals to produce natural alternatives to existing remedies.

Our name Eresos even hails from a Grecian village on the isle of Lesbos - a sanctuary of natural beauty, flora, fauna and tranquillity. It was the birthplace of Theophrastus, who is considered to be the father of botany.

Just as Theophrastus embraced botanical knowledge and elevated it to a science, our passion teamed with innovative technology and cutting-edge science, ensures everything we create is custom designed to enhance or complement your overall health and wellbeing.

We truly believe in the magical benefits of CBD combined with natural botanicals. Our mission is to help you in your journey to a healthier, relaxed and happier you.