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Modern botany, where intensity=efficacy

Brand Promise

When harnessed in the right way botanical, nutraceutical extracts and oils from flowers, herbs, nuts and berries, can do wonders for our skin, well-being and our mind.

Eresos CBD and botanical formulas are the perfect antidote to mass-produced cosmetics, edibles and toiletries you can find out there, which use synthetic ingredients rather than the natural. That’s not for us. All of our CBD and botanical remedies are all developed to be effective while staying true to our nature inspired philosophy. Because our extracts are concentrated, you’ll only need a small amount of our CBD and botanicals combos for maximum benefits.

Eresos is driven by our love of CBD and botanicals and how together they can enhance general health and wellness of the mind, body and more. As more and more people are looking for and choosing natural products over those that are chemically enhanced, we’ve got your back.

“Nature does nothing in vain”

- Aristotle