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Article: Holistically Easing Chronic Discomfort with CBD

A woman sleeps in the background. In the foreground is an alarm clock and Eresos CBD oil tinctures next to it

Holistically Easing Chronic Discomfort with CBD

If you’re conducting extensive research into managing persistent pain that disrupts sleep, you’re not alone. 

Insomnia and other sleep disorders are on the rise, with more and more people turning to powerful prescription medications to get the rest they desperately crave. Recent Google Trends data reveals online interest in sleeping pills has skyrocketed 83% since February 2023. 

Searches for specific drugs like amitriptyline, zopiclone and valium number in the tens of thousands every month, in the UK alone.

Even more troubling are the common related queries - "how to get prescribed sleeping pills uk" and "what are the strongest sleeping pills uk" demonstrate a concerning demand for access to and abuse of these potentially addictive aids.

The Impact of a Bad Nights Sleep on Pain

According to a review by Fayaz, approximately 35.0% to 51.3% of the UK population (almost 28 million adults) suffer from chronic pain, robbing them of restorative rest.

The three most common types of pain are:

  • Back pain impacts 53% of individuals.
  • Headaches affects 48%.
  • Joint pain is experienced by 46% of the population.

Different types of pain also prevail:

  • Chronic widespread pain affects 14.2%.
  • Chronic neuropathic pain affects 8.2%.
  • Fibromyalgia affects 5.4%.

A man in a green t-shirt holds his back in pain

Sleep and pain seem to share common pathways and neurotransmitters, with sleep deprivation being linked to inflammation within our immune system, impacting our body's resilience. Furthermore, vitamin D and dopamine are implicated in both sleep and pain processes.

Various studies have yielded diverse outcomes regarding the effects of sleep deprivation on our pain threshold and the brain's ability to inhibit pain. It's possible that sleep influences pain through different mechanisms depending on the specific condition and type of sleep deprivation.

Tossing and turning through the night eventually leaves one’s body and mind thoroughly exhausted, yet frustratingly restless. Sleep claimed in fitful increments cannot deeply rejuvenate. Irritability simmers while concentration and productivity plummet.

If this sounds like you then fear not. A multifaceted approach helps dial down persistent pain to usher in tranquil nights. Alongside holistic remedies like CBD, small adjustments to one's sleeping posture, pre-bedtime routine, and daily movement habits can profoundly improve sleep quality.

Understanding CBD’s Potential to Soothe Chronic Discomfort

Eresos CBD Oil

First, CBD is growing increasingly popular for its potential to temporarily relieve aches and discomfort. It may gently interact with endocannabinoid receptors involved in regulating pain signals. Those who experience back discomfort, arthritis, neuropathy, or other issues report taking CBD oil, capsules, or balms helps dial down pain when used as part of a nightly routine. With discomfort gently subdued at bedtime, falling asleep may become easier and remaining asleep is more achievable.

Optimise Sleeping Posture

A simple way of improving your sleep quality is to assess your sleeping posture. Do you fall asleep in the same position every night? Are your pillows aligned to support the head, neck, and spine without craning or straining? Can the body relax into the mattress rather than twisting or contorting? Adjust pillow height and sleep position to maintain the spine’s natural curve as much as possible. If you're still uncomfortable, consider upgrading your pillows.

Straddling a pillow between your knees and hugging it can also help to keep your shoulders and hips open to ease any back discomfort. These tips should help muscles properly relax into healthy alignment, reducing nagging tightness or soreness come morning.

Pre-Bedtime Stretches

Before crawling under the covers, take a few minutes to do gentle stretches. Neck rolls, hamstring stretches, yoga poses, and basic twists help loosen tense areas.

A women in pink workout clothes performs an over the head stretch in bed

Make this a relaxing ritual to transition the mind and body into sleep mode. Starting this practice earlier at dusk further eases one into slumber. 

Consulting Physiotherapists

Seeking professional guidance can work wonders. Physiotherapists assess chronic pain triggers and provide personalised exercise and posture recommendations. Implementing even five minutes of targeted movement daily reaps immense benefits. Physiotherapists approach pain holistically, addressing both physical and mental health factors.

CBD For Sleep

With a gentle touch tailored to your individual needs, you can transform your nights into peaceful, pain-free experiences. If you find yourself grappling with sleep issues, we invite you to try our pillow mist for instant relief and an enhanced sleep environment. Complement it with a twice-daily regime of our CBD Oil Drops, or CBD Oil Capsules designed to bolster your endocannabinoid system, activate your  parasympathetic nervous system and promote a restful slumber. 

PS - We regularly share sleeping tips on our TikTok channel so make sure you’re following us!

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