CBD continues to enjoy an incredible surge in popularity, with most industry insiders predicting that it has yet to hit its peak. According to Grand View Analysis, the global CBD industry is projected to accelerate to $23.6 billion within the next five years, and the European CBD market is set to rise by a staggering 400 percent. 

What was once seen as a niche product has now flooded health stores and has started to infiltrate many other walks of life, including the food and beverages market and - more importantly for us - the beauty, cosmetics and skincare industry.

With an ever-increasing focus on wellness, the boom in CBD related products makes it such an exciting opportunity for us here at Eresos, particularly as consumers increasingly look for premium, natural alternatives to existing supplements and remedies out there.


Our ambition is to demystify the science around CBD and its incredible benefits by showing that when harnessed in the right way, botanical, nutraceutical extracts and oils from flowers, herbs, nuts and berries, can do wonders for our skin, well-being and our mind.

Eresos is not just about a commercial story; we truly believe that we can make an authentic and long-lasting impact on the world stage with a premium CBD and botanicals range that people can believe in and benefit from.

We want to become the CBD category reference. And to date we’ve had an incredible reaction to our product and brand launch event in November 2021 at Champneys Spa, with the pick of the UK press, top lifestyle and beauty publications attending, since then we have been inundated with requests from media and trade press for comments, product samples and inclusion in feature articles; including Vogue, Elle, Mirror, Express and The Mail Online and many more, all featuring our products.


Initially we have launched our brand and products direct to consumer, but our longer-term strategy is to quickly expand into key markets in Europe and beyond via retail and distribution partnerships. In our drive to become the CBD reference brand in the sector - Our key growth focus will be within EMEA starting with the DACH region (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) moving on to France, Italy and Iberia, with further countries targeted for 2023 such as South Africa and Dubai (non CBD product).

 You can read more About Us and our background by visiting our website

Inspired by ancient Greek botanical science, Eresos is a range of CBD and botanical infused beauty, cosmetics and skincare products - natural alternatives to existing remedies.